The EIAA will last six days and is organized around six keynote speakers and sixty individual or collective presentations summarizing the results of four years of continuous research in different parts of the Amazon Basin. Smaller presentations will be organized in Regional Symposiums. In addition space is provided for Poster Presentations, four Discussion Panels, visits to Museums and fieldtrips to archaeological sites near the city of Trinidad.

Registration will begin on Sunday (01.10.17) where all informational material for the event will be distributed (14:00 to 18:00). The official inauguration will be that same day at 17:00.

The standard program from Monday (02.10.17) through Saturday (07.10.17) will start with a one-hour conference by a keynote speaker followed by a coffee break and will continue with three symposia with a break for lunch and afternoon coffee break. Every evening (17:00 to 18:00) will be dedicated to a Discussion Panel, moderated by three scholars who will set a 5 minutes hypotheses to be discussed with the open forum.

Posters contributed by students will be exhibited during the daily coffee breaks.

On Friday (06.10.17) four presentations will be offered for the general public and the press, about the most relevant archeological findings and the current debates about the prehispanic past of the Amazon. Each presentation will last 20 minutes, and be followed by a round of questions. The speeches will be given by the Chairpersons of the four EIAA meetings.

On Wednesday (06.10.17) we will have a break from the presentations, to visit nearby archeological sites including the monumental site of Loma Salvatierra. This may include overflight of the impressive anthropogenic landscape of “Moxos”, courtesy of the Bolivian Government.