How to Get to Trinidad

All international flights arrive in the cities of Santa Cruz, La Paz or Cochabamba. The options to get from these cities to the city of Trinidad is detailed below.

By air

AirlineCity of OriginDestinationPrice aprox.
EcojetLa PazTrinidad476 Bs.
CochabambaTrinidad390 Bs.
Santa CruzTrinidad476 Bs.
BOA (Boliviana de Aviación)La PazTrinidad567 Bs.
CochabambaTrinidad440 Bs.
Santa CruzTrinidad600 Bs.

NOTE: The prices of airplane tickets may vary

By bus

Interdepartamental TransportCity of OriginDestinationPrice aprox.
Flota Yungueña
(leaves from La Paz on Wednesday and Friday only)
La PazTrinidad130 Bs.
Flota S. Copacabana, Mopar, Divino Niño
(every day, but not directly, but as follows)
La PazCochabamba80 Bs.
CochabambaSanta Cruz80 Bs.
Santa CruzTrinidad120 Bs.

NOTE: The prices of bus tickets may vary.